Check Out How Facebook Algorithm Works

Check Out How Facebook Algorithm Works

What exactly is the Facebook algorithm? Apart from being a major source of frustration for many Community Managers, it is also how the Facebook algorithm is known. So, not only does Google have its own algorithm, but so does the queen of social networks.

The EdgeRank algorithm is a set of math operations with numerous variables. It decides which stories will appear in each user’s newsfeed based on the content they are interested in. What exactly does this mean? Facebook uses this algorithm to determine which publications will appear in the newsfeeds of your followers.

How Does Facebook Algorithm Know What The Preferences Are For Each User?

Every Facebook user’s action counts, whether it’s leaving a comment on a photo, liking a post, or uploading a video. All of these indicators will indicate to the algorithm whether or not you are interested in something. At the end of the day, Facebook is a business, and all of the profiles and pages are its customers. The goal is to keep everyone happy while ensuring that clients only receive information that is useful to them.

If the first thing you do when you open Facebook is search for posts about your family, partner, friends, or favorite clothing brand, Facebook will know without a doubt that if these publications appear in your newsfeed, they will receive more interactions than other content.

How Does Facebook’s Algorithm Work?

You’re probably wondering what factors you should think about in order to appeal to the Facebook Algorithm.

If you want to appear in the Facebook News Feed and reach more people, consider the following factors:

Affinity: This means that Facebook prioritizes posts from friends and pages that have a higher affinity with the user. Profiles from relatives, partners, or Facebook pages that users frequently visit, for example.

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Content-type: The Facebook algorithm prioritizes post quality. This factor was recently added to combat the infamous “click-baiting.” What should you do to boost participation? You should provide interesting content to your target audience while avoiding easy clicks.

Amongst the contents with a better acceptance in the social network are:

  • Videos (the objective is to compete against YouTube).
  • Live Transmissions (to compete against Periscope).
  • GIFs
  • Images

Interactions: When creating content, you will need to put your creativity to the test. This social network takes into account publications with a high percentage of Facebook engagement. The following is the order of importance:

  1. The number of times a piece of content has been shared
  2. The worth of the comments received.

Interactions: When creating content, you will need to put your creativity to the test. This social network takes into account publications with a high percentage of Facebook engagement. The following is the order of importance:

  1. The number of Likes and Reactions a post receives.

As a result, if your Facebook Page has a low number of followers, you’re in luck because the more followers you have, the lower the engagement on your posts should be.

As an example, if you have 20,000 fans but none of them interacts with your content, the impact on your Fan Page’s EdgeRank algorithm will be negative.

Present: Time factor is essential for this social network. That is, the most recent publications will appear in the latest newsfeed on your followers’ page.

However, keep in mind that this will change when we consider promoted publications with Facebook Ads or the memories that Facebook brings with ‘On This Day.’

It is also important that you do not exceed the maximum of 5 daily publications in order to be more appealing on this social network. What happens if you exceed it? Your Facebook Page could be penalized, and it’s not worth the risk after all your hard work, is it?

Variety: This social media behemoth adores it when Pages make the most of various content types. You will succeed if you try to vary your content: Photos, videos (including live videos), GIFs, events, link sharing, and other media.

Links on Facebook score positively 

External links are not particularly popular on Facebook. It prefers that users remain on the social network. However, you should publish updates with a high percentage of sustained engagement and a low bounce rate for this type of content.

If Facebook notices that you have posted an article with an external link that has received a lot of shares, but users aren’t spending much time on it, the social network will penalize your page.

One final piece of advice: if you want your Facebook Page to go viral, you should invest in promoting your posts and running ad campaigns with Facebook Ads. Finally, Facebook is a company that rewards those who invest in its own platform. Facebook is eager to profit from it.

You now understand how to use the Facebook Algorithm to be rewarded for your publications and reach a large number of people.

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