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Facebook stalkers are people who follow everything you do on the network. It is just like walking home late at night and a shadow keeps following you from behind, it is a creepy thing to do and makes victims uncomfortable.

Facebook users can sometimes unknowingly become stalkers while some intentional stalk others. Their reasons vary from ‘a bit understandable’ to very strange ones. The next section tries to isolate some of these reasons.Facebook stalkers

Possible Reasons For Facebook Stalking

  • Stalkers may be interested in getting to know their victims better from a distance.
  • Some may stalk others because they find them suspicious and want to satisfy their curiosity.
  • They may want to have knowledge about what you are doing at certain times.
  • Others may be interested in viewing places you have been to.
  • Stalkers may engage in that creepy activity because they want to find out your interests.
  • Some may even be trying to see all the pictures you have posted online.
  • They may want to stay up-to-date with your online presence.
  • There is those content in viewing profiles and reading public information about you.
  • Some users stalk you to be able to know what a certain friend of yours is up to on the network.

Facebook stalkers like it have been shown above may always react to your photos posts, even very old ones. They may constantly barrage you with messages and comment on your posts regularly.

All in all, it is a disturbing experience and you can discover who’s been stalking you on Facebook by doing the following.

How to know who’s been Stalking you on Facebook

The Facebook network keeps the record of the people who have checked out your Facebook updates, photo posts and link shares. They are gathered in a list that is for your access alone.

It is also possible for you to make a secret list of people you want to monitor and you receive notifications when they update something new. But since the people on the list do not get notified, you too will not know if you belong to another person’s secret list.

How to Stop a Facebook Stalker

The best way to stop stalkers and have peace is to block the user or users. To do this you should:

Enter the stalker’s name in the search engine, look for the block option on their profile and complete the process from them ever seeing you on the network.

There is also an option for you to report the user to get them locked out of their own accounts to stop them from victimizing others.

You can adjust your privacy settings if you don’t want to block a user. This gives you the opportunity to choose what can be seen about you and by who.

Keep stalkers away and enjoy your social media freedom.

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