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Communication is not a one-way thing, it should be a give and receive activity. Reaching people with Facebook status ensures that there is a chance someone will connect with what you are putting out there. This can be in form of selfies, updates etc.

Facebook status does not have to be of a particular kind so it can be a funny update or about a serious concern. Facebook status presents users with the opportunity to voice something that will trigger conversations. Loved ones can get to know more about you when you regularly keep them updated through the use of the status.Facebook status

Benefits of Facebook Status

  • Facebook status allows users to make posts that are of any length and be able to drive conversations within their circle of friends.
  • It is a way to stay relevant on the social media space with interesting updates that make people want to keep returning to view your page.
  • Since Facebook is still the most used social media network, effective status updates can reach more amount of people and in faster time as well.
  • Facebook status can help you stay active socially and help people in your field to connect with you.
  • It is a way for friends and family members to keep up to date with happenings around you. Millions of others too may be interested in knowing what is going around the world.

In updating a Facebook status, users most times want it to reach as many people as possible and also generate interactions over it.

There are two possible ways to get attention through the Facebook status and ensure that the post is well interacted upon, they are;

  1. Writing a status that people find interest and it could be a funny update or an inspirational one.
  2. Writing a  controversial Facebook status, that will cause tables to be overturned and will attract people from opposing camps to go at loggerheads with each other.

How to write a Facebook Status

On the Facebook home page, there is a white box that has a question: “What’s on your mind?”.

Providing an answer to this question appears in the news feed of your Facebook friends and helps pave way for you to form an identity on the social media space.

More On Facebook Status

Identity is important and since your status update is a means for you to form one it is vital that you maintain an ideology when making posts. Although, versatility is encouraged to avoid coming off as a bore who is always on one particular thing.

When starting controversial trends, it is also good to remember that not everyone will support this idea and you should be ready for negative feedback on posts.

Enjoy making and following trends with your status updates.

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