How to Temporarily Block Facebook | Tools for Blocking Facebook

Temporarily Block Facebook: Blocking Facebook is a Browser Extension feature that was created, to allow you to protect your privacy by blocking all URLs associated with Facebook its pixels.

Reasons for Block Facebook

Varieties of reasons exsit for wanting to block Facebook and some of them are:

  • To allow you to focus more on work, especially online and prevent distractions.
  • If you want to stop access to it from your computer.
  • To curb your addiction and focus on your studies.
  • You may want to stay away because you are avoiding another user.
  • Parents may want to do this to prevent their children/wards from accessing Facebook with supervision.
  • Schools and educational institutions may not want students and members of the staff to use their server for anything other than academic endeavours.
  • Companies may want their workers to focus more on work and also save on data subscriptions.block facebook

Whatever the reasons, the next part of this article will be of great help to you.

How to Temporarily Block Facebook

There are four major tools that are considered best in achieving this. They are:

LeachBlock (on Firefox)

Get the LeachBlock installed from Firefox browser and for the setup guides given to set it up.

Each block can be used to setup up to 6 different sets of websites for blocking and you can set the terms by which this can happen like: by day, time, a period of the month and so on.

In short, how it works is that you can choose to block Facebook during working hours and allow it during weekends.

StayFocused Chrome

The StayFocused is another tool created by Chrome that can be used to block Facebook access.

Use the browser to install and set it up with the instructions given.

Conditions like the ones mentioned earlier can be set up and customized to allow you time for some leisure.

StayFocused Chrome comes with an extra feature, “Max Time Allowed”, which can be used to set the amount of time Facebook can be used by a user and stops access when the time is used up.

ColdTurkey (Windows)

Cold turkey is a Windows tool for website blocking.

Unlike the previously mentioned blocking tools, ColdTurkey does not carry out the blocking exercise at the browser level but does this at the computer level. This means that the two earlier mentioned ones allow you to access Facebook through other browsers but ColdTurkey would not allow Facebook to run at all on the computer irrespective of the browser being used. Other forms of access like connecting a video game to Facebook will not be allowed as well.

XMinutesAt (Website)

This tool once installed in the computer serves as a reminder rather than a blocking tool. It notifies the user if they exceed the amount if the time they originally agreed to spend on a particular website like Facebook for example. It keeps sending the message to bug the user and he/she will eventually log out of the site to focus on other things that need their attention.

Here’s how to use XMinutesAt tool

You are to enter the duration you want to use followed by the site’s URL when you want to open it.

Or you can drag the bookmark, onto your browser’s bookmark bar, to enable you to quickly set up a time limits for a page you are using at that moment.

The above-mentioned tools are effective and will help you to maintain a focused and purposeful life.

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