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Facebook Business is an avenue open to all users irrespective of how long he/she may have been on the network. This feature is geared toward helping users improve their businesses. It comes with current news, advertising tips, best practices; case studies all of them on how to grow your business.

Facebook business helps users reach a wide audience because of the teaming number of people registered to the social media community.facebook business

Benefits of Facebook Business

  • With the Facebook Business, you can contact your followers outside Facebook with the email address information gathered from their profiles.
  • Marketing expenses are affordable and they start from as low as no charge at all.
  • Ads are sent to a target audience within the business reach with an estimate of ten to a fifteen-mile radius.
  • You can keep a record of traffic to the business page and know if you gain new followers and if people are interacting about your products.
  • If you maintain an active page that updates contents regularly and is responsive, Facebook Business feature will help you maintain your followers by always reaching them with your contents.
  • You can add links to your website if you have one when making posts and this will help direct people’s attention to it.
  • Facebook business can be used to promote your business presence on Facebook and optimize your page. You can add the following for your followers to see when they access your page:

Opening and Closing hours



Contacts that may include phone numbers and email address.

How to Start a Facebook Business

In order to engage in business on the Facebook platform, you should create a business page. To do this you should see the following guides:

Create a name for your page that relates to the business you want to engage in. Next, you can briefly describe the business in the “About section”. People will be able to grasp what you are about from this information.

You are asked to add a profile photo and cover photo. While doing this part you can use your logo as your profile photo, as well as an image of your shop containing your products. This too further increases awareness about the business.

Business pages also include a call to action. You can do this by scrolling to the top of the Page, and adding something that you want visitors to your page to do. This can be for them to visit the website, contact you, and tell others about you and so on. Once you’re through, creating your page;

After doing this you have successfully published your page for public viewing.

You can start making updates immediately about products and/or discounts that are available on some sales or any other thing you feel will pique visitors’ interest.

It is advisable to turn on messaging so that interested customers can contact you directly instead of doing so in the comment section of your posts.

To see how people are engaging with your business on Facebook you can tap on the insights icon at the top of the page and monitor traffic.

Facebook business is generally free and with the number of users available at all hours of the day, it is an effective way to engage in business from your comfort zone. Many people have successfully used Facebook to start businesses that go on striving and earning the income. Try it today!

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