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Facebook Cover Image: Facebook is like a train that is always in motion; it is possible for even regular users to be caught off guard by its regular innovations and development.

The Facebook cover image is one of its latest advancements and this is an image that serves as a background for the classical profile photo.Facebook Cover Image

Types of Facebook Cover Images

Users can choose to use any of the following types of images as a cover image.

Single Images

This can is a single image file and can be multiple images that have been assembled into a college or a mix by a photo editor in your device.

Cover Slideshows: Multiple Images

Facebook users can use as many as five photos as cover images; this feature makes the selected photos rotate as slides.

Facebook Cover Image Benefits

  • Updated cover images are shared on the user’s timeline and can be seen by friends on the network.
  • The cover images can be of different forms and can be anything selected by the user except images that are contrary to the Facebook terms and conditions
  • Cover images can be used to attract attention and also can start up interactions when it is interesting.
  • When you use images of yourself as your cover image, friends can quickly identify and engage with you.
  • It can shape opinions and ideas about a user when it is used wisely and selected with a careful thought process.

Facebook Cover Image Size

A Facebook cover image is the biggest image space available on the profile and found at the beginning of a user’s timeline. It has a display of 820px by 312px on desktop and laptop browsers, but on smartphones, it comes in the conventional phone format of 640px by 360px.

The required image for cover images to upload is set at least 399px by 150px. This makes it sensible to upload cover images that are at least 1640px by 624px, to achieve a maximum image quality.

How to Add a Facebook Cover Image

If you do not have a cover image or you want to change the current one and are looking for how to do this, follow the proceeding steps:

  • Login into your account to start.
  • On your timeline, tap on the camera icon, situated at the top left of where the cover image is supposed to be.
  • An option that asks you to “Change Cover” are shown, you should tap on this.
  • A drop-down menu appears from which you can choose the source for the new photo you want to upload. Make your choice and the new cover image will be created.

This update will show on your timeline and will appear in the notifications of close friends. You can change this regularly and keep your friends updated with good images of either yourself or things you find interesting.

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